The quilts of 2013

Here they are, my quilts of 2013. It’s so fun to take a look back at the year that was. I learned so much and refined my technique a lot, as you’ll see. (Click on any photo to see the original finished quilt post.)

The first quilt I finished in 2013 was started in 2011. It is used daily by a very opinionated young boy who lives in my house, and that is why there are not many good photos of it.


There were the ombre quilts, samples for Rock Paper Scissors. They use the Simply Color ombre fabric and inspired the quilts that my students make in Beginning Quilting class. They are now out in the world snuggling some adorable babies who were born in the fall.


There were a trio of babies born in the spring of 2013– Skylar, Kyle and Wyatt.


Kyle's quilt

Kyle’s quilt

Wyatt's quilt

Wyatt’s quilt

Then there were the pigeon quilts. IMG_0067


Sometime in the spring, my photography got a LOT better, and my quilts got some wonderful attention.

The Technicolor quilt was featured on Sew Mama Sew:


The Poppstrong quilt was featured on Craftsy:


I made my first quilt from bee blocks:


In the late summer into the fall, I made three quilts for Cloud 9 Fabrics, two of which were my original designs, and I was so fortunate to have the patterns published on their website (the links to those are in the PATTERNS link above the header of this page).

There was Spaced Out:


The East West quilt:

melintheattic koi quilt east west fence front back

And Turning Leaves:


Then there was the latest sample for Rock Paper Scissors to demonstrate what each student makes in Beginning Quilting.


And my last finish, The Missing Brick:


I wish you the happiest of holidays, Happy New Year, and health and good fortune in 2014.