Miles’s pigeon quilt

One down, one to go!

Late Wednesday night I finished Miles’s pigeon quilt:


This one has a lot of sentimental value for me because my baby boy is starting preschool camp in August, the first time he’ll go to school, and I wanted to send something snuggly with him for naptime. He probably won’t even stay for nap for the first week or two, but I needed to feel like I was doing everything to ensure a happy transition. Also, why would I buy a naptime blanket when I can make one?

I bound it with a blue green fabric from the Parson Gray line that coordinated beautifully and looks like feathers to boot.


I machine bound it, and was so happy that all the practice from my previous quilts had paid off. I had sacrificed aesthetics for durability and speed in the past, but this time I get the speed and a nice finished look. I like the look of hand-sewn binding the best, but sometimes life just doesn’t give you the time for it, you know?




There seems to be a little drag in the middle. A wash and dry should  help with that. It could also be that I took these pictures on a windy day, snapping the shutter furiously when it hung still for a second.




Here’s the backing fabric. It was total coincidence that the spiral started right on a dreaming pigeon, but happy accidents are the best kind.


On to quilting big brother’s pigeon quilt. I got some great design ideas at last night’s guild meeting.

Happy Friday!