Wyatt’s quilt

This is a very special baby quilt for some wonderful friends living on the west coast. Little Wyatt was born at the end of April, and his parents are photographers and camera operators who know design, so I put some pressure on myself to make this quilt extra chic and modern.

(that crease is killing me)

(that crease is killing me)

I had extra blue in my stash, including a bunch of these great feathers from Anna Maria Horner, so I used that as a base fabric and put in angles of all shades and widths using the same technique as the back of the Technicolor quilt.


I had so much fun quilting the angles.


The striped yardage was just a tiny bit too small for the back, so I inserted some of the fabrics from the front, plus my favorite navy chevron, to the back in a woven design.


I loved how the quilting looked from the back.


I know that Wyatt won’t need to keep warm in L.A. in June, but I love this size for tummy time.

As always, my boys had to dance on it before it could go to the post office.

Special cameo by Gonzo

Special cameo by Gonzo

Hooray for a finish! Have a great weekend.