Melanie found her creative voice designing quilts after years of writing about creative people for trade magazines. She became obsessed with quilting in 2011, squeezing time with her machine into every available scrap of time and devouring tutorials on quilting blogs.

It took dozens of quilts and thousands of hours before Melanie would call herself an artist, but she had finally found a practice of self-expression and a medium that fit. Her use of improvisation allows her to explore identity and intuition while also accepting and celebrating imperfection. As someone who has dealt with anxiety her whole life, she benefits from the meditative repetition of sewing and the ability to translate unpleasant thoughts into comfort objects. Her work often depicts hard surfaces that are made soft by fabric and thread. It is influenced by her interactions with architecture, literature, music, and film.

Melanie’s quilts can be found in national and international exhibitions, where they have received awards on occasion. She travels to lecture and teach workshops. As a self-professed process nerd, Melanie encourages students to develop a personalized quilting practice that is fulfilling from start to finish.

She lives with her husband Joe, two sons, and their dog Gonzo in the New Jersey suburbs of Manhattan.

Contact: melintheattic at gmail dot com