Kyle’s quilt

(No, I am not a quilt machine. This one has been done for a week or two, but I wanted it to be a surprise for the recipient, some good friends with a new baby in Boulder. It made the trip safely and I’m happy to say they really liked it.)

I’ve been really drawn to blue and yellow lately. I had the broken herringbone fabric from Madrona Road and used it to coordinate some prints I’d had my eye on for a long time, including a few from Chicopee and Kona Cadet. After cutting them into eight-inch squares to make a disappearing nine patch, I decided to keep cutting and try some 8×4 inch stair steps. It came together so quickly.


I love the pop of greenish yellow. I was a little nervous it was too bold for Kyle’s mom, but she called it out as one of her favorite prints.

Here’s the back:


And here’s the binding, made with some light blue pinstripes from my stash.


I quilted it with a large stipple, mostly because of a time crunch. But someone at quilt guild reminded me that it’s good because it will be softer than something densely quilted, a bonus for a baby quilt.


Every time I finish a quilt, especially a gift for friends, I show it to my boys and they ask, “Can we dance on it?”

I think it’s because I don’t let them touch a quilt until it’s done, and the very second they can touch it they just go nuts.


It’s like they need to christen the quilt before it’s really done.

Off it goes to Boulder to snuggle with little Kyle (isn’t it such a sweet, simple name?).

But it also looked great on our blue couch.


I do have more blue and yellow in the works specifically for the blue couch. This cemented my excitement for that one.

Thanks for checking it out!