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Eli’s pigeon quilt

They’re done! First Miles’s, now Eli’s pigeon quilt, ready just in time for camp this morning. My oldest helped tweak the design himself. Because I was making two pigeon quilts in a month,… Continue reading

Miles’s pigeon quilt

One down, one to go! Late Wednesday night I finished Miles’s pigeon quilt: This one has a lot of sentimental value for me because my baby boy is starting preschool camp in August,… Continue reading

The Poppstrong quilt

The idea for this quilt came about when I was thinking about designing something for a show. I usually design for a person, or let the fabric tell me what to do, but… Continue reading

Wyatt’s quilt

This is a very special baby quilt for some wonderful friends living on the west coast. Little Wyatt was born at the end of April, and his parents are photographers and camera operators… Continue reading

Kyle’s quilt

(No, I am not a quilt machine. This one has been done for a week or two, but I wanted it to be a surprise for the recipient, some good friends with a… Continue reading

The Technicolor quilt

After all the lovely feedback I got yesterday about the Technicolor quilt, I had a surge of energy to bind it and finish it once and for all. For those who don’t know… Continue reading