Floating on Cloud9 (WIP Wednesday 7.24.13)

When the NJMQG took a trip to Cloud9 Fabrics HQ yesterday, I was excited, but I left as a bonafide groupie and there’s just no way around it. The amazing women who started the company are just inspiring, and their fabric is not only gorgeous and of the highest quality, it’s also made from organic cotton and dyes from mills with high standards for human rights of their workers. I wrote a little recap post for the NJMQG blog here. (Sorry about the formatting. I’m getting help, I swear.)

Looking around their studios, I noticed how much of their fabric I had used and not even realized it. My first quilt featured the dandelion poof print from Cut out and Keep:


My niece’s baby quilt used the fish, forest and feathers from the Miscellany collection:


My favorite fabric in this baby quilt was the teal circles with dandelions from Across the Pond:


And the sleepy time monsterz were just perfect for a gender-neutral baby quilt:


And another niece’s quilt was full of Alegria:


Wow, my quilt photography is getting a little better, eh? At least for the finished shots.

And with that, a camera phone shot of a nearly-bound pigeon quilt. Oh, guess who makes the fabric?


Like you even have to.