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Dare to be Awesome

(I made a quilt top this week that I have some huge feelings about. I think it’s awesome, and I need to figure out how I want to release it into the world.… Continue reading

Happy Holidays

I did finish the Christmas quilt in time for Christmas, and the boys did their quilt-christening dance on it by the tree. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday with your family. I’ll… Continue reading

Finished (quilting) Friday

This is what the quilting community is all about. Thank you so much for your encouragement! After a week of quilting this sucker and 132 lines six feet long each, the husband quilt… Continue reading

Step by Step

I was so super geared up to quilt this week. It’s a good thing too, because there was work to do. I think I did every quilting step except for binding in the… Continue reading

On Balance and Taking a Breather

Life has been a little crazier than usual lately. Usually, I try to balance quilt life with family life, succeeding some times more than others. But that’s what balance is, right? Slipping a… Continue reading

The Aerial quilt

I love that my best souvenir from Nashville is something that I bought at home and made at home. But wrapped up in it are a whole lot of lessons and memories and… Continue reading

Sewdown Nashville

I feel so fortunate. That’s all I can think about after all of the amazing things that I got to be a part of this weekend at Sewdown Nashville. Every part of the… Continue reading

Taking care of business

Hello! I’m in business mode this week, having just come off a very successful event for NJMQG– March Madness. I’m tackling my quilty to-do list like the proactive person I wish I was,… Continue reading

The week in quilt moments

I had big plans for this week– the #hexacabin tutorial, a charity quilt, some BOMs– but it had other plans for me. But there were lots of great quilty moments. On Sunday I… Continue reading