On Balance and Taking a Breather

Life has been a little crazier than usual lately. Usually, I try to balance quilt life with family life, succeeding some times more than others. But that’s what balance is, right? Slipping a little, wobbling and worrying, then finding stability and center.

Since my last post I have been volunteering at the preschool, catching up with friends, prepping for and teaching classes at Rock Paper Scissors

Half Square Triangles (aren’t my students creative?)


and Walking Foot Quilting


I’ve been working on the husband’s quilt.


And organizing NJMQG elections. I had to miss last night’s meeting because my husband and I got some much-coveted tickets to see Eddie Izzard at the Beacon Theater. But I didn’t escape quilting completely– he performed on a checkered patchwork stage.

Today I got the amazing confirmation that my walking foot tutorial pillows made it to Pittsburgh for Quilt Market! That beautiful textured cotton that I got from Beth at Rock Paper Scissors is made by Andover Fabrics, and they put the yellow and blue ones in their booth! Beth (@rockpaperscissorsnj) sent me this shot this morning on Instagram (I cropped out a few people standing by):


I mean, how cool is that? I’m so lucky to know someone like her who would champion my work so much.

Also, I’ve been making friends, both on Instagram and through blogs. The Jersey-bred Stephanie from Late Night Quilter and I found a real-life connection and now I wish I had more time and energy to do her awesome Supernova Friendship swap. You should check it out if you’ve been wanting to quilt with a friend, whether long distance or not.

All of this to tell you that the family and I are taking a much-needed time out week of sun and surf. I might schedule a post for when I’m away, but that’s only if packing allows. I’ll be back after Memorial Day with new ideas and new quilts. But a week away from reality seems like the perfect way to take a breather and figure out where center is again.