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Hi there to my usual blog friends and to anyone new visiting from Sew Mama Sew! I am so honored to be on the site today. I really loved making the Technicolor quilt.… Continue reading

Business Time

It’s officially summer. I have sunscreen lodged in my nostrils and plenty of watermelon in the fridge. We have big plans for weddings on the water, matinee movies in air conditioning and afternoons… Continue reading

Quilts, kids and rock ‘n’ roll 5.10.13

This isn’t technically a quilt, but it’s my contribution to an effort pulled together by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild called To Boston With Love. Participants are making flags in the theme of… Continue reading

4.26.13 Quilts, kids and rock ‘n’ roll

Quilts My favorite quilt on the internet this week is Diamond Derby, which I found in the Fresh Modern Quilts group on Flickr. I love me some orange and teal. Also, I made… Continue reading

Quilts, kids and rock ‘n’ roll

I made that my Twitter bio to make my life seem a little cooler than it really is, but I realized that this is a pretty accurate description of my daily life. I… Continue reading