This year was light on physical quilts, but so full of valuable work. I taught more than I ever have in a single year, I won ribbons in international shows, but I am most proud that I worked a lot on myself. I took time to learn about the practices that work best for me. I practiced acceptance of my faults and my assets. I embraced my thoughts and opinions. I experimented with new techniques and challenged the things I have taken for granted. I have never approached the end of a year this way, allowing myself to feel proud of my accomplishments and prepared for what might come next. Doing that is its own accomplishment. But I have thought a lot about time as well, and I know that this arbitrary marker is also a warning, that there is more to do and I’d better get to work doing it.

Thank you for being out there and partaking of my quilts and thoughts. If you took a class with me, thank you for your company. If you made a quilt from one of my patterns or read one of my articles, thank you for bringing me into your world. If you’re someone who checks in or gets my posts via email, thanks for checking in.

And now, the lists!

The quilts of 2018

Blue Houses (will hang at QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville)


Self Portrait (will hang at QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville) – will post here in the new year

Minimalist Blue Trill – a recent finish, I’ll post about it here soon

Tidal Fade (Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 57)


Tidal Fade (Pack)

Query (Modern Patchwork May 2018)


Miles’s quilt 2


Eli’s quilt 2


Teaching and speaking engagements

QuiltCon Pasadena

Lancaster MQG, Trill, Lecture: My Quilting Story

Beetle and Fred (times two!), Walking Foot Quilting, Planned and Unplanned

Hudson Valley MQG, Trill

Wild Geese Quilt Guild, Fingerprint Improv

Baltimore MQG, Incorporating Curves in Modern Quilting, Lecture: My Quilting Story

Berks Quilters Guild, Lecture: My Quilting Story


QuiltCon Pasadena (2nd place, Improvisation). Here’s my original post about Neighbors.


Quilt Fest of New Jersey. Quilts: Tidal Fade, Women’s Work, Neighbors

Modern Quilts (an exhibition of the MQG), Schweinfurth Art Center and Dairy Barn Arts Center. Quilt: Flounce



International Quilt Festival, Houston (3rd place, group quilts). Here’s my original post about the quilt.


Other Media

I participated in Kim Soper’s Creativity Project as the first interviewee of the year! Check out the whole series– it’s so inspiring.

I wrote a feature for Curated Quilts‘ improvisation issue about “the click,” that feeling that something has gone very right.

I post much more frequently and casually on Instagram. Here are my most liked photos of 2018. I’m really proud of this grouping. If you don’t already, follow me there @melintheattic


Things to look forward to

New work

New classes

QuiltCon 2019

Mid-Atlantic Mod 2019

I hope you  have a peaceful holiday season and a happy new year. See you in 2019!