2019 Q1 update

Hi blog friends! I’ve missed you. 2019 so far has been full of classes and connection with other quilters. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to and a preview of what’s coming next.

In January I taught a walking foot quilting class at the North Jersey MQG. I love adding texture to projects and talking with others about how to keep the quilting process interesting while doing so. I also visited the Warwick Valley Quilters Guild to give a lecture about incorporating curves in modern quilt design.


With “Self Portrait.” A lot of people were surprised it was so small! Here I am proving to a friend that it’s not much bigger than my head.

February was for QuitCon prep and then the big event itself. It was fantastic to see long-distance quilt friends and connect with people whose work inspires me. Blue Houses won third place in the Improvisation category, I taught three classes and gave two lectures. It was the best kind of creative whirlwind taking in the quilts of the show, sharing meals while talking about process, and celebrating the modern quilting community. I especially loved seeing friends get recognized for their amazing work.


“Blue Houses,” 2018, 3rd place Improvisation, Quiltcon 2019, Nashville

In March I lectured and taught at the Garden State Quilters Guild, where the students really embraced Fingerprint Improv. I also talked about quilts with the preschoolers at my kids’ alma mater, Peanut Shell preschool, and helped them make paper quilt crafts.

April is a time for me to experiment a bit in the studio and spend time with some of my works in progress. I’m working on an entirely hand-pieced quilt based on a visible stitching technique as well as an improv project, a group quilt, and a double wedding ring quilt for my own bed.


My visible hand piecing project

May is going to be a blast, kicking off with a trip to Lancaster PA for Mid-Atlantic MOD, a retreat that I have enjoyed several times before. I’m debuting a new class, Guided Improv Adventure, which is like a mystery quilt mixed with a choose your own adventure  prompt. If you’re going to MOD, I’d love to have you join us. Feedback from that class will also inform a new digital project that I’m working on launching later in the summer or early fall.


Fingerprint curving

I’m sorry that so much of the year has gone by without checking in. I’m glad so many of you follow along by getting posts emailed to you— that is the best way to get the latest and most information from me. Moving forward this year, I’ll come back when I have news or updates (and I’m so excited for what is to come), but for more frequent updates, I’m on Instagram @melintheattic.

Thanks for coming along. I hope we cross paths soon.