It’s a known part of my origin story that I wrote for marketing trade magazines after college. It was a time when I learned so much about the world, about myself, and about publishing. For years I had bylines in weekly and then monthly publications and felt the unique thrill of seeing my name in print. But I never had something available at a store, a published piece that someone could buy retail. Quilting has changed that, and now there is a new thrill of seeing something with my name inside on sale at the book store.

I have a new quilt and pattern in the May/June issue of Modern Patchwork called Query. It’s given me an even newer thrill to see people making this quilt– I got my issue on Saturday and saw a post on Instagram on Tuesday that someone had finished a top!

I was inspired to make this design by some interlocking floor tiles that looked like puzzle pieces. I love how the blocks are super simple to assemble but hold a lot of interest and tell a story depending on how you place fabric. They can have a relationship with the background and with one another. Does the lone white block want to fit into the center?

Let me know if you make a Query quilt of your own! While I love a monochromatic quilt and a limited palette, the potential for prints and color play is huge with this design. I imagine other versions playing with some Albers-like combinations. Enjoy!