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2023 so far

Hello, neglected blog. Something about this spring is extra springy– along with the blooms and shoots, I am emerging from a season of underground transformation that has felt long and dark. But while… Continue reading

Comfort Quilt For My Younger Self

There’s a technique in talk therapy in which you remember a painful time in your past that I’ve found to be really powerful. You articulate what you needed in that moment, then imagine… Continue reading


This piece (like 2017’s Neighbors) was inspired by the shapes created by window blinds as the light changes through the day in my house.Through my improvisational process I thought about what it means… Continue reading

Winter 2022

Many things in my quilting life have slowed down in the last two years, from literally sewing by hand to the social life that I once enjoyed with other quilters. But these few… Continue reading

Favorite Children

(I’m catching up on some work that I posted on Instagram but wanted to have here as well. These works were finished and posted in November.) Fall is a season for intense parenting… Continue reading

The Only Way Out is Through (Feel the Feelings)

Feelings can be painful, but they need to be felt. The needle punctures, but it also mends. The only way out is through.  This quilt was made for a workshop that I taught… Continue reading

Spring 2021

I am feeling drawn back to this space. Hello. It’s been a little while. I have to admit, while Quiltcon was amazing and uplifting during a very hard pandemic winter, it was also… Continue reading

Quiltcon Together 2021

Quiltcon was fully virtual, an entirely new experience this year. In many ways, Quiltcon Together, held during the last week of February, was still Quiltcon, people connecting, sharing inspiration, admiring show quilts. In… Continue reading

2020 WRAP UP

There is a point when it’s been long enough since I communicated where I begin to question not only whether to reach back out, but how to. I think about how to catch… Continue reading