Year in Review – 2015

This year, I’m really proud of my work. I’m proud that I can say I’m proud of my work, which is mostly to say that I did a lot of thinking this year. I thought about my identity as a quilter a lot, and a lot of my self-reflection fed my spirit in a way that makes me feel stronger and more confident over all.

I made the space to make thoughtful choices, sometimes at the risk of being quieter in my online life, but I put an emphasis on quality over quantity, whether it was a quilt or an Instagram post or a piece of writing.

I made a real effort to live more mindfully. I took time to focus fully on family, and other time to focus fully on quilting and found that it relieved a lot of stress and conflict that I had about doing both at the same time in the same space. This is an ongoing practice, but a way that I found to reconcile some of my own inner issues.

I also wrapped up two terms as president of my local modern quilt guild, NJMQG. I learned so much from the experience that I put to good use once that time was freed up. I am happy with the ways that the guild grew while I was president and I miss it a little bit.

This year I tried to listen to my gut and find new ways to express myself through quilts. I still have a long way to go, but I’m so excited to do next year’s work, especially building on to everything I’ve learned this year. In 2016 I’m going to Quiltcon West in Pasadena, teaching at two more regional retreats, and hoping to publish more designs. I’m also hoping to write more about my thoughts as I continue to journal my quilting experiences here.

On to the lists! (with links to previous posts)

The quilts of 2015

Green Peek

Lauren’s quilt




First Position

Baby Blues (post coming when the baby does – check my IG feed @melintheattic)

The mini quilts of 2015

Melanie squared

Rock Paper Scissors Love

Peek Mini

Firsts of 2016

My first Quiltcon – Austin TX

My first self-published pattern – Peek

My first magazine quilt – Stitch Winter 2015/2016

My first regional teaching job – Mid-Atlantic Mod 2015, Lancaster PA

My first t-shirt quilt – Lauren’s quilt

Classes I attended

Improvisation – Gee’s Bend quilters

Orange Peels and Improv – Jessica Skulkety

Improv Pineapple (assisted) – Heather Jones

A Different Stripe – Denyse Schmidt

I am so incredibly excited for all of the quilting adventures to come in 2016. Thank you for reading and following. Happy New Year!