My Quilt Magazine Debut

Hi blog friends! I realized this week that I had posted some news in just about every social media outlet but this one.

I have a quilt in a magazine for the first time! Flounce is a new design that appears in the Winter 2015-2016 issue of Stitch magazine. I hope you can check it out. (Photography by Donald Scott)

Stich_Winter_15_27433ht copy

I’ve written for magazines before in my previous career as a marketing trade journalist, but this is the first time that something I wrote or made can be purchased in stores. I took this picture at the Barnes and Noble in my town. It was such a thrill.

 Here is my photo of the full quilt on Woody the fence:



Depending on your screen size, you might be able to see that one block in each row has a print on it (two Denyse Schmidt blenders and one from Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors collection). The rest is my continued fabric obsession, Cirrus Solids from Cloud 9. The colors are so deep and so so soft. I really loved playing with some of my favorite colors and seeing how well they played with one another.

This experience gave me a lot of insight into the pitching and publishing process. I do really love the writing side, and it was something that I didn’t know I was missing until I went back. I’m looking forward to doing more magazine work and growing as a designer.

I hope your November has been as unusually colorful as mine.