Rock Paper Scissors Love

I am lucky in so many ways, but one of those ways, in my quilting life, is that I live so close to an awesome local fabric shop, Rock Paper Scissors.

In fact, I would not be a quilter without Rock Paper Scissors. It is where I took my first sewing lesson as an adult (with Beth, the owner), where I have spent countless hours picking fabric, and where I have hung out if I have a free hour or two for the last three and a half years. It’s also a place where I get to teach and be a part of the awesome family of women who work there.

This weekend RPS turns five years old. They are having a party and a sale, and I can’t make it. I couldn’t figure out how to tell Beth, and so I decided to do it in the best and only way I know how.

With a quilt.

It’s a mini, and it’s not quilted yet, but I’m going to finish it and bring it in next week. But I just had to share with the world in the hopes that maybe you are nearby and can wish RPS a happy birthday for me.

The paper pieced scissors are paper pieces from a pattern by Julia Eigenbrodt. The paper is inspired by Elizabeth Olwen’s Sonnet quilt (pattern coming soon from Cloud9!). The rock and heart were made with stitch and flip applique.