Sunday Stash – London Calling

This past week, my husband was in London for work. London is one of my all-time favorite places on the planet– I studied abroad there for a transformative five months. I have wanted to go back so badly, so it was hard to see Joe’s great pictures and not be by his side. And I think it made my week of solo parenting feel that much more mundane by comparison.

For most of the week I was so tired at the end of the day that I barely had time to think about sewing, so it was that much more exciting to see this in the kitchen the morning after Joe came back:


It was the perfect gift of quilty indulgence. He is so very thoughtful and generous. And so, for the first time in forever (to quote the ubiquitous Frozen) I get to participate in Sunday Stash!

First up, the splurge. It’s a yard of a new Liberty print that I described on Instagram as “fractal dresden floral mishmash.” It’s very me, contrasting brights and neutrals:

Here’s a closer look:


And a bit more of the repeating pattern:


Delicious. And so, so soft. It might have to become a garment, pronto.

Next up is the roll. Joe asked if they had any “fat stacks,” and they pointed him toward this, a roll of varying-length strips, all WOF. It should be enough for a 50 x 70 quilt top, and better yet, it’s all pre-washed.


Here’s the selection. Some fussy florals, but some really excellent ones too. I’ll make it work. I accept the challenge to make these look modern. Though I might split them up. The gears are turning.


Here are close-ups of some of my favorites (sorry for not ironing, but as much as I want to spend time with the fabric I want to see the husband too). This one has constellations:


This one has such a funky palette (in a good way!):IMG_6985

And this one is very classic:IMG_6984

And the grand finale, which he hid next to my machine. I didn’t see it until the very end of the day. It is the most perfect little Liberty box:


And you’ll never guess what it does:


I mean, seriously. I couldn’t stop giggling. I’m one happy quilter today.

Linking up with A Stitch In Between and Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash! I know a lot of my local quilty friends were at Quilt Fest– did you shop there?

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