Sunday Stash – Drool-worthy solids and Christmas in April

I have been a good girl this year, at least when it comes to buying fabric. I made the BFF quilt, the Hexacabin quilt and You Are My Sunshine from mostly stashed fabrics, and I bought the Mihow quilt’s fabric for that specific project. I have had a few lovely gifts to hold my fabric addiction in check, but I have been exercising a LOT of self-control when I visit the fabric store.

This week, however, I had a list. I needed some fabric for Sew Down and some for the Christmas quilt, which needs to be cut and distributed to my bee mates at the next guild meeting. (Quick recap: I’m using my turn as queen of NJMQG’s block party bee to make a Christmas quilt that I would never make for myself.)

It didn’t take long to let go of my self-restraint. I walked into Rock Paper Scissors and said, “I’m here to shop!”

Oh man, that felt good.

Here are my spoils.

First up: the Christmas quilt. I wanted to have reds, cool grays and low-volume whites. I’m using some of my precious stashed whites to build from– my Botanics. These are from last fall (love that little pop of gold):


So I got some rich reds


And cool grays


I’m officially super excited  about that quilt. It will go great with my Nordic Christmas decor and it will be modern and traditional and scrappy all in one.

Next up was fabric for a Sew Down class with Carolyn Friedlander (coincidentally the designer of my beloved Botanics above). She requires various 2″ x WOF strips for a paper pieced mini quilt. I decided to go with solids because I’ve been playing around with palettes and color combinations. I didn’t want to worry about prints, just about combining colors and shapes in ways that please me. And oh man, does this palette please me.


From left to right, they are Kona Navy, Windsor, Slate, Salmon, School Bus, Curry, Butterscotch, Michael Miller Dirt and Kona Ash.

I am completely in love.

And once I was on a roll, it was hard to stop. I had been coveting some Grey Abbey by Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud 9.


And these brand-new lovelies too:


The bottom three are from Leah Duncan’s Meadow for Art Gallery. The top is from Sweet As Honey by Bonnie Christine. I think the Bonnie Christine print is going to be the back of my Sew Down mini quilt.

Speaking of which, I need to see those solids one more time:


Unless I get a little time to sew this week, I might not be back until after Nashville! I’m really looking forward to it and to sharing my experience here when I get back. Until then, I’ll just be over here petting my fabric.

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