WIP Wednesday 3.5.14

For a small quilt, this has felt like a long project. I wanted to learn and practice curved piecing, and though it went very well, it was not the type of project you “whip up.”



But ever since I learned that circles are not easy to do, I’ve wanted to make them. And I totally love them, especially in these fabrics, my most loved golds and grays. Here’s the top, a little wrinkled and blurry:

At 36″ square, I think it’s going to need a border. Then on to quilting.

Speaking of which, I took a few minutes before my last piecing session to practice my FMQ as part of the #FMQPracticeParty (check us out on Instagram!).


Wavy lines, all types! Wobbles and all. This is what it’s about, people. Just practice. Try new shapes. Learn about yourself and your machine.

Any suggestions for quilting the circles?

(Sorry for my lack of eloquence tonight, blog friends. I’m on day five of my husband’s week-long trans-Atlantic business trip. So tired.)

Whoops! Almost forgot to link up with Freshly Pieced! Happy WIP Wednesday.