Quilts, kids and rock ‘n’ roll

I made that my Twitter bio to make my life seem a little cooler than it really is, but I realized that this is a pretty accurate description of my daily life. I thought that I’d try to make it a regular feature, highlighting a great quilt I found elsewhere, something related to those short adorable people I care for and a song that’s really striking the right chord at the moment.


Scattered by Katie at Sew Katie Did. I actually just found her site through Pinterest, and I really like her style.


My preschooler had a superhero day at school this week, and he wore his custom cape, an awesome gift from some family members.


I’ve been thinking about trying to make one myself– it’s an awesome gift, a simple applique design, and it has magnets in the neck enclosure so that it releases if the cape snags on anything. But for now I just hit up supercapes.com.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Last night Joe and I got to see Muse live, arena rock style. It was a great show dampened a little knowing that the manhunt in Boston was nearing its end. But this encore, one of the hits from an early album, a love song, sounded just right.

Note: These recommendations are my own. I only share them because I want to.