Winter 2022

Many things in my quilting life have slowed down in the last two years, from literally sewing by hand to the social life that I once enjoyed with other quilters. But these few weeks of winter are always a flurry of activity and this year is no exception.

I had the pleasure of answering a Q&A for Create Whimsy that you can read here.

Quiltcon begins later this week, and while I won’t be attending the show, I have three quilts that will hang in Phoenix. I also wrote an article for Quiltcon magazine about incorporating an improv mindset into my hand quilting practice. You can see the cover and order a copy here.

Speaking of my hand quilting practice, after the holidays I started quilting a top that I finished in 2018. I had thought of it as a calm, soothing, sun-bleached palette back then, and that intention felt like a fantastic fit for this winter.

I’m thinking of it as a source of warmth and self-care during the cold season. I chose a selection of thread that matches the fabric but quickly found it too monotonous. So I incorporated some singular lines of a bolder color for some subtle drama and symbolism that I’ll address when the piece is finished.

Until then, enjoy this sneak peak.