2023 so far

Hello, neglected blog. Something about this spring is extra springy– along with the blooms and shoots, I am emerging from a season of underground transformation that has felt long and dark. But while it’s been quiet in this particular digital space, plenty has been going on in my studio and with quilts in my physical world. I’m happy to poke my head up and show you some of it.

I’ve been writing a lot since January, and I’m excited to share an article in the latest issue of Curated Quilts. It’s a digital issue, so you can download it super quick from their website. The issue is all about abstract quilts, and my article talks about my quilt The Only Way Out Is Through (Feel the Feelings) and how I used abstraction to infuse it with meaning and work through my emotions during a turbulent time. It’s the most personal look at process that I’ve done publicly, and it feels good but vulnerable. I hope that sharing enables someone else to use their quilting process to reflect and turn hard feelings into soft comfort objects.

In February two of my quilts hung at Quiltcon in Atlanta, Interior and Comfort Quilt for My Younger Self. I didn’t attend but had the best time following the show on Instagram. Then on the last day I got the email asking if Interior could travel with the “Selections From Quiltcon 2023” exhibition! I was delighted to give permission and it hung at AQS Melbourne this past weekend. I love that a little piece of me is traversing oceans.

I’ve been embracing the passing of time with hand-sewn mini quilts that reflect the mindsets and needs of the seasons as I stitch. They’ll get their own posts, but here are some looks at my year’s handwork so far.

2023 has been creatively full and rewarding so far, and I look forward to sharing more. I’m still sharing on Instagram at @melanie.tuazon so visit me over there between posts here.