Business Time

It’s officially summer. I have sunscreen lodged in my nostrils and plenty of watermelon in the fridge. We have big plans for weddings on the water, matinee movies in air conditioning and afternoons at the zoo. My littlest guy just figured out how to pedal a big boy bike, so I think there will be lots of rides to the playground too.

Ok, down to business. Summer also means that a new schedule is up at Rock Paper Scissors, and I’m going to be teaching another four-week session of Beginning Quilting starting July 8. We’re going to review all of the basics of making a quilt, from cutting and design to piecing, quilting and binding. Give the store a call if you’re interested in sewing with us!

I’ll also be teaching a free motion quilting class on August 1. The class will practice technique and different quilting designs. This class is always super fun because of all the creativity that FMQ allows.

Last night was our monthly meeting of the North New Jersey Modern Quilt Guild, and election of new leadership. I came home as guild president! It’s worth noting that I was the only person to volunteer for the job, but it was so exciting to pass along a little of my vision for the (ever growing) group and make plans for some fun events. The other office holders are all amazing women, and I look forward to sharing our adventures here and on the guild blog.

While getting down to business with quilty fun, I keep humming this song from Flight of the Conchords. It’s business time. (This link might not be safe for work because of lots of silly sexual jokes. But oh how I love a good Bret and Jemaine slow jam.)

I have a new finish to share, but I’m waiting for the sun to position for an outdoor photo shoot. Until then, happy summer!