Christmas quilt top and block pattern

Doesn’t Woody the fence look festive? The Christmas quilt top is done, and I’m celebrating!


It’s my most traditional and intricate quilt to date. At 72″ square, there are more than 500 3″ finished squares of all different scrappy red, cool gray, and white-on-white prints.


It fits my goal of making something festive but sophisticated, and it will be so warm to snuggle under next to the tree. I know it’s only September, but hopefully this is plenty of time for quilting and binding.

I’ve been asked about the pattern. I used this quilt from Flickr as inspiration to design a similar block to use in repeat, so I’m going to share the pattern I made to send to the NJMQG bee mates who contributed blocks.

Each finished block is 12 1/2″ unfinished and represents one quarter of a snowflake star. I outlined one block in black on my design to demonstrate:



4 1/2″ squares: 4 white, 10 red, 10 gray

3.1/2″ squares: 2 white, 4 gray


Make 1 set white/white, 2 sets gray/white, 8 sets red/gray, 2 sets red/white

There are lots of great HST tutorials out there. I like to put two squares right sides together and draw a line diagonally from one corner to another. I sew 1/4″ on either side of the line and cut on the line. Press open.

Trim HSTs down to 3 1/2″ square.


Lay out and assemble blocks with 1/4″ seam allowance according to the photo below.


Voila! My quilt uses 36 of these blocks to make 9 full snowflake stars. I’d love to see other versions of the blocks, so if you make some, let me know!

Ok, one more big shot:


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