Nameless no more

The day has come when my fence and quilt holder is bequeathed with a name. And these pretties will find their homes:


I have to say, in a super busy week when I was at wit’s end more than I’d like to admit, it was such a pick-me-up to read a new comment with a fantastic suggestion or a funny pun. I love my quilty friends.

Before I announce the winners, I have to list some of my very favorite submissions.

From Ginny on Instagram, for brilliance in pop culture references: Malefifence, Arthur Fence-arelli, Fence & Porter’s Love of Quilting

From Anna Liese: Spencer, or Spence the Fence

Amy and Tracy both picked Ferdinand! Which I love, especially as Fence Ferdinand (I had such a great time at a Franz Ferdinand concert back when they were everywhere).

But the winner is Pat T., who picked a great name and pitched it in a way that had me sold hook, line and sinker.

Oh, I know your fence’s name!!
You have a wonderful fence!…
Such a tall, strong, silent type!! Handsome in a rugged, used-to-hard-work way… Dependable at all times, in all seasons…
One you can always count on to come to your assistance…
Your hard working, reliable fence’s name is “Woody”!!

It’s perfect. Descriptive, brief, and a little dirty. I love it. Woody the fence, my trusty assistant. She also gets to pick which FQ set is her favorite.


Oh, and picked comment 10! That’s my pal Ashley! Ashley and Pat will get some happy mail this week.

Thank you to everyone who commented! You really made my week bright. Woody thanks you too!

Fence with Love Letters


With kids in camp for a few weeks, I’m planning to do LOTS of sewing (and hopefully some writing of essays and tutorials), so I’ll keep you updated.