In the zone

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is purely magical. Today I was working on a design for Cloud 9’s market booth, and I was in the zone.


Part of it was seeing a design that I’ve had in my pocket since July come to life and look just like I’d hope. And part of it was the gorgeous materials, Elizabeth Olwen’s Wildwood line along with Cirrus Solids in Ocean, all organic quilting cotton. It’s tricky and fun and curvy.


Another part was the soundtrack, a new artist called Hozier. This music hit me just right, with some songs sweet and some raw and sorrowful. Some are morbid and some are sexy. Gah. It was just what I needed to back my creative energy, and it just felt so good. I know that when it hits, if you have the time to ride it, you enjoy the zone as much as you can. I feel so lucky to have had this day in the zone.

Here, “Like Real People Do”

And “From Eden”

But there are others that are more upbeat and more electric. Excellent sewing music.