Quilts kids and rock’n’roll 7.12.13


I have a sad lack of progress on any quilting to share today, but I can send you over to Sew Mama Sew where they have a ton of fabric giveaways today (though you probably already knew it’s Free Fabric Friday).

My friend Ashley finished her first big quilt, and it’s Chicopee-tastic.

If you need a dose of quilty color as bad as I do today, head over to Wombat Quilts for a taste of some of her delicious work.

(Also, not that anyone cares, but I did post about my Google Reader replacement frenzy, and the winner is Feedly, for its mobile compatibility and functionality.)


The reason I haven’t been quilting much is because this is the summer of staycation. We’re not going on a beach vacation like we usually do, so my husband and I have been making an effort to experience local attractions. Yesterday we visited the Bronx Zoo;

Imageand tonight we’re going to a local baseball game. It’s been so much fun, but after last weekend’s trip to Annapolis I’m a little to tired to sew. I need my downtime for recharging! Hopefully I’ll have time for the pigeons this weekend.


It’s my song of the summer. I can’t not dance to this song. Now it reminds me of last weekend’s hotel after party. I wish everyone a happy weekend. Have a dance party!