WIP Wednesday 7.3.13

I’m having a lot of fun with the pigeon fabric (from Mo Willems’s books for kids and Cloud 9 Fabrics). I imagined the pigeon watching me as I worked, sympathizing with my process. That’s totally normal, right? Right?

There’s the design phase. I hope this works!


The piecing phase. I should have cut my HST pieces a little bigger to start with. There’s one that’s a little small:


The finished top. It worked!


Luckily I never hit full-on panic phase.


And here it is. The finished top.


I especially love the stripe. I think it will make its way into future projects.

Its new owner was pleased as well.


It’s the perfect size for him, about 40 x 50.

And with the help of big brother, I sketched out the next pigeon top:


Though I think it needs a little editing. Or tweaking. What do you think? I’m trying to make them similar but different.

I’m excited for the long weekend and class on Monday! A new batch of students ready to make their first quilts. I might not be back here again until Tuesday, so I hope you have a fantastic Fourth.

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