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Finished (quilting) Friday

This is what the quilting community is all about. Thank you so much for your encouragement! After a week of quilting this sucker and 132 lines six feet long each, the husband quilt… Continue reading

Plugging along – WIP Wednesday 6.4.14

Still plugging along on the husband quilt. I’m doing straight-ish lines about 1/2″ apart. The quilt is 72″ square at the moment, so in an hour I can do about a foot of… Continue reading

Step by Step

I was so super geared up to quilt this week. It’s a good thing too, because there was work to do. I think I did every quilting step except for binding in the… Continue reading


I’m back! What an amazing trip. We went to the Bahamas, where the water is my favorite shade of teal. I wrote about balance before I left, and the best part about vacation… Continue reading

My first show

I had to sneak in one more quilt-related event before tomorrow’s flight, and by the time I come back it will be old news. So here they are… My quilts in their first… Continue reading

Weekend sewing

This weekend I sewed up a part of a block for the Skillbuilder BOM I’m participating in at Pile O Fabric. It was so satisfying to practice precision and the blocks are adorable–… Continue reading

The Aerial quilt

I love that my best souvenir from Nashville is something that I bought at home and made at home. But wrapped up in it are a whole lot of lessons and memories and… Continue reading

What I’ve been up to

It turns out that after a retreat it takes a little time to get back to reality. And then there’s a guild meeting and a holiday. Today is my official catch up on… Continue reading

Taking care of business

Hello! I’m in business mode this week, having just come off a very successful event for NJMQG– March Madness. I’m tackling my quilty to-do list like the proactive person I wish I was,… Continue reading