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The Christmas quilt

I finished it before Christmas, but because of celebrations and weather the photos had to wait until today. I’ve written about this quilt at almost every stage of its creation, but I have… Continue reading

Happy Holidays

I did finish the Christmas quilt in time for Christmas, and the boys did their quilt-christening dance on it by the tree. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday with your family. I’ll… Continue reading

Holiday sewing and a Peek update

I took about a week¬†off from sewing after I finished Peek, just to catch up on life and figure out holiday sewing. I decided to make some Noodlehead 241 totes for a handful… Continue reading

Christmas quilt quilted, and an offer from Late Night Quilter

Remember the Christmas quilt top? It’s back from being quilted in Texas! The lovely Stephanie from Late Night Quilter has been building her long arming business and offered to quilt it for me.… Continue reading


It’s done! Not only did I finish in time to submit to Quiltcon, I also beat a stomach bug that hit our house hours after I hit send. But that’s no way to… Continue reading

WIP Wednesday – Peek Edition

I’m still working on Peek. Minimalism does not mean easy, people. I have learned that lesson in a big way. It takes a lot of work to make simple look interesting. This week… Continue reading

Peek Progress

Peek has been coming along a little slower than planned, but I finally got her basted last night. I’m not sure I’m going to make the Quiltcon submission deadline, but I’m going to… Continue reading

A peek at Peek

I’m working on a new quilt, or more accurately, a few new quilts, that make use of a block I’m calling Peek. I’m excited about it for so many reasons. The first reason,… Continue reading

The Trill quilt

In the summer I was inspired to design a quilt using all curves, and I’m so proud and excited that it came to exist in the real world. I’m calling it Trill, after… Continue reading