A peek at Peek

I’m working on a new quilt, or more accurately, a few new quilts, that make use of a block I’m calling Peek. I’m excited about it for so many reasons.


The first reason, which I mentioned at the end of my last post, is that I’ll be teaching the block (and my tricks for super tight 1/4″ seam allowance sewing) at Mid-Atlantic Mod, a modern quilting retreat hosted by the Central Jersey and Philly MQGs and sponsored by Baltimore, DC and my own NJMQG. I am so excited to head out to the eastern quilting capital of Lancaster PA and sew with people from other MQGs.

IMG_0798 The second is that it’s such a versatile block. I’m looking forward to trying it with lots of other fabrics. This version is made with Kona Snow and Tangerine with just a touch of Cotton + Steel. (I got a little bored making the same block over and over, so I changed it up in a very satisfying way with a very subtle print.)

IMG_0726I’m looking forward to sharing progress on the rather minimalist design for the top and making this again with other fabrics and layouts.