After a most chaotic spring, summer was a chance to recalibrate and take several deep breaths, literally and metaphorically. I focused on helping the kids feel safe and active, finding ways to be… Continue reading

Quiltcon 2021 Registration

It feels like I was just at Quiltcon in Austin (though that was five months ago), and it’s already time to plan for Quiltcon 2021. In pandemic life, time is a concept that… Continue reading

Taking Up Space (Do The Work)

Taking Up Space (Do the Work) There is so much to say about this quilt. I have tried writing about it many times and the words never seem like enough. That is why… Continue reading

2020 So Far

It is nearly the end of April, and already this year has felt like three. In the fall of 2019 I decided to take time off from traveling to teach and focus on… Continue reading


My latest and last finish of 2019 is Unruly. Pieced entirely without rulers or measurements, this piece represents the beauty and artistry to be found in resisting efforts to control bodies and minds.… Continue reading


I’m fascinated to look at the last year as one that has been very outward-facing in many ways. Early on, I taught three classes and gave two lectures at Quiltcon in Nashville. I… Continue reading

Q2 and Q3 2019

Blog friends! This year has been so full of work and travel and, well, life. I’ll catch you up quickly so we can move on. The spring was full of lovely groups of… Continue reading

Fingerprint Improv Espadrilles

I truly love the process of making Fingerprint Improv curves. It is my free-form practice, the time when I feel the most like an artist in my sewing. I think of it sometimes… Continue reading

2019 Q1 update

Hi blog friends! I’ve missed you. 2019 so far has been full of classes and connection with other quilters. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to and a preview of… Continue reading