Quiltcon 2021 Registration

It feels like I was just at Quiltcon in Austin (though that was five months ago), and it’s already time to plan for Quiltcon 2021. In pandemic life, time is a concept that is more of a suggestion than anything that can be measured. Last week registration opened to MQG members for Quiltcon Together workshops and lectures and it will open up to non-members on August 3. It’s such a responsible and proactive move on the part of the Modern Quilt Guild to take the event virtual, and I’m honored and lucky to be a member of the faculty for the virtual event. So many more people will have access to instructors and inspiration than in previous years.

The format of the classes is going to be a pre-taped instruction that I’ll record for students to watch when the event begins. Some students will just use this. But those who opt for more access will also get to participate in a call with me where we can discuss some of the concepts and developments that came from the lesson. I’m especially looking forward to the discussions after my Quilt With a Cue classes (IMP013), which will be part show and tell, part group discussion. In that class, I’m going to share my own research into instructional and conceptual art and how that relates to quilting design prompts, guild challenges, group quilts, and personal practice. Then I’ll share at least two cues with the group for students to play with in their own time before our meeting. I’ve led exercises like this a few times and it’s always so fun to see how different people interpret the same set of words, and how many ideas we are each capable of.

Another new development is that I’ll be co-teaching a class for the first time. My friend Anne Sullivan and I have loved talking about improv, storytelling and process for as long as we’ve known each other, and we’ve designed a class that intertwines them for what we hope will be a really fun experience, called Adventures in Improv Design (IMP005). She actually studies and teaches about the intersection of craft and technology, and I love using storytelling as part of my process (a small taste of which you can see in my Character Improv exercise), so we’re going to use stories to improvise. For this class, we hope that you come with a sense of adventure (necessary for all improvising) and your imagination. Check out the two very different pieces that we made with our class outline.

There are so many firsts with Quiltcon Together. The last first is that I’ll be participating in a panel about improvising, Improv Through Many Eyes (LE21). Some of the people involved have been huge inspirations of mine, and I look forward to talking about my process with them.

If any of this sounds good to you, I hope you’ll check out the Quiltcon Together catalog and register for something fun and inspiring.