Q2 and Q3 2019

Blog friends! This year has been so full of work and travel and, well, life. I’ll catch you up quickly so we can move on.

The spring was full of lovely groups of students, and the summer was full of friends and hand stitching that came with me wherever I went. The progress is slow, so you haven’t really missed much.

Fall brought an art-filled trip to Paris and my first (non-quilting exclusive) fiber art group exhibit. I was able to attend the reception for Crafting Democracy, where Women’s Work is hanging in the Rochester Public Library for a little bit before traveling to Cleveland and back to RIT in Rochester.

For those who might want to see the whole exhibit, there is a book! I’m honored to be in the company of the artists in this group.

Which brings me to my most recent news.

I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be teaching two classes at Gotham Quilts in Manhattan, Trill on November 15 and Planned and Unplanned (Find your Improv Groove) on November 16. New York is one of my favorite places on the planet, and to teach there will be a really huge treat. Click here to sign up. (If it’s still a few weeks before class, you might have to go to the second page.)

Before heading to the city, though, I’m teaching Trill to the Rebecca’s Reel Quilters on November 2. Both groups of students will get to see my newest sample, the baby Trill quilt layout.

Until then, I’ll be in the studio testing out some improv ideas that have been inspired by my recent travels and revelations. If you’re going to Quilt Festival, keep an eye out for one of my new pieces in the mini quilt auction!

‘Til next time.