Women’s Work at IQF

Women’s Work is currently hanging at International Quilt Festival in Houston as part of the MQG’s modern showcase. I am very proud that so many people will see the quilt and hopefully have conversations about it. Things are changing and the news never stops, but the message stays true. My original post is here.


As the country’s leadership ignores and attacks women (especially women of color) over and over again, this is a symbol of work that is yet to be done. We need this reminder to listen to women and let them lead.


As women come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault, this is an object of comfort to help us recover and rally. Many of the quilters who made blocks for this quilt posted #metoo.


Let’s keep working.

Huge thanks to my contributing makers, Jeanine Bowen, Aleeda Crawley, Sarah Fader, Ashley Hinton, Karin Jordan, Alyson Olander, Krishma Patel, Melissa Quaal, Michelle Reiter, Virginia Robinson, Anne Sullivan, and Kitty Wilkin. Without them, this quilt literally wouldn’t exist.