News and Updates March 2017

Today I bring you to my page to send you elsewhere! I have all kinds of awesome quilty activity happening in various channels both virtual and real.

I did a webinar for the MQG! It’s called Planned and Unplanned, and it’s a lecture in which I describe, with visual aids, a method for thinking about improv and design. I talk about the relationships between the two and how to break down intimidation you may feel about improv in piecing. I’m very proud of how everything went, and I have heard from a few people that they found it inspiring. If it’s something you might want to check out and you’re an MQG member, you can find it here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 3.59.18 PM

Have you heard about or watched Fresh Quilting yet? It’s a modern quilting TV show, and my quilt Flounce is in episode 2, shown a couple of times in the first four and half minutes. It’s a showcase for modern quilts hosted by Heather Grant, and I’m honored to have my quilt included.

Another huge honor for Flounce is that it is going to be a part of a modern quilt exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles! I mean, seriously. Flounce has hung now in so many amazing places, including the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (a tick off the bucket list), that to have it in a museum is just all kinds of mind blowing. I’ll update with more info on Facebook when I have it.



Last week I firmed up plans to teach two Trill workshops later this year for local guilds. I still have some availability in the fall, so if your group is interested in a class or a lecture, including Planned and Unplanned, reach out to me at melintheattic at gmail dot com.


Black and White Trill

On the social media channels, I am the Insta Intros host on the North Jersey MQG Instagram account for the week. I’m sharing peeks of what I’m working on and a little bit about myself, so check out @njmqg if you’re interested. I have a quilt in progress in almost every stage of the process, so there is much work to document and share.

Take care.