Fabric therapy

I hope everyone is in the middle of having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

I had a moment this week, between hosting my now three-year-old’s birthday party and Thanksgiving with just three days in between, where holiday anxiety became, how can I put this delicately, paralyzing. Plus, on the sewing side, I had at least three projects that needed attention, and not the fun kind.

I found myself drifting over to my shelf, where I keep these precious pretties within easy reach for petting at any time.


I bought a stack of Liberty scraps this summer as a treat for myself, not knowing what I would do with them. But the rainbow arrangement made me happy and every once in a while I would spread them out and brainstorm how to put them to use.


On Tuesday, just looking at them made me happy. But then I had a great idea. Twenty prints. Twenty wedges in a Dresden plate. I just got a Dresden ruler from a giveaway. It was a sign.

So I started cutting.

I posted this picture on Instagram, and Laura from Little and Lots said, “Liberty is one of my survival crutches. When it will be a tough day I wear my Liberty shirt.” This was exactly what I was doing, but I wasn’t able to articulate it until that moment.


Let me tell you, spending one hour carefully cutting some LIberty rainbow wedges made me so happy. Somehow, it also made holiday prep more enjoyable.





Fabric therapy works!


So if the holidays start getting you down in one way or another, spend a little time with something beautiful. Find fabric that you love to stare at and follow your gut. Make something small and gorgeous.

As my friend Peggy from NJMQG so wisely put on the nametag she made for me, “Find your happy.”