Catching up

On Thursday night, Ashley came over to baste a quilt that was bigger than her workspace (wait til you see it– its gorgeous). It was so nice to have some quilting company! I finished the blue baby quilt, so when it reaches its destination I’ll be sure to give it a proper finished post.

I can show you this corner:


I finally made labels! I love them. I used this tutorial to make them in Word and print them onto printable fabric. I would love to learn Illustrator, but for now, these will do. It’s clip art and standard fonts for me. The one that I used for my name actually looks like my signature, so I like that I can now sign my quilts.

Yesterday was my local quilt shop’s third birthday. The women at Rock Paper Scissors, especially Beth and Emma, have literally changed my life with their knowledge and support of my quilting. It was great to have an excuse to head over, say hello and do some shopping. Check out their birthday cake:


The boys came along with me. They are the greatest. They played so nicely while I chatted and got fabric cut.

ImageSo I got something a little special for them:

ImageYes, I know, I didn’t need any new projects.

So I was excited to finally get quilting on the skyline quilt! It had been awhile since I free motion quilted, and I have big plans. I put some straight lines in the angles with my walking foot…

Image… and realized that I left my FMQ foot at the shop. I. Was. Pissed. Now I have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. I had my podcast loaded, my bobbins wound and my strategy set. I had to pout a bit before I decided to use that time to baste the Glam Garlands. I guess I’ll have a little extra quilting to do next week.


I hope your Sunday is lovely. Luckily I”ll be distracted until it’s time to get back to the machine.