Working blue

(I hate writing posts like this, where I talk about working on a project I can’t completely show you. Also where I use a lot of parenthetical notation for no good reason. But I wanted to post an update nonetheless.)

Memorial Day weekend was just what I needed. We did a few fun things with the kids, stayed close to home, enjoyed the Memorial Day with family and celebrated the return of Arrested Development (I couldn’t bring myself to make a “blue myself” joke in the title of the post, though I wanted to).

Before quilting the skyline quilt, I wanted to practice a little and work on a baby quilt that is slightly overdue. I made a lot of progress on Friday and Sunday. Here are some close-ups of the fabric, lots of blues (the light horizontal stripe is a super-soft check that is so tiny it looks solid in photos).


I’m still kind of obsessed with angles.


I’m quilting this week and looking forward to the finish!

I hope your Memorial Day was just what you needed. (I’m working out how often to post when I’m in a slow period. I’ll try not to do this again.)