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Mason’s quilt

This quilt’s story appears pretty straightforward from the beginning. My newest nephew was born on June 22, and I planned to make him a quilt with lots of green, as requested by his… Continue reading

The Love Letters Quilt

This one goes out to my husband Joe. I have so much to say about this quilt, but today I will let it speak for itself. I’ll just give you the short version… Continue reading

My first show

I had to sneak in one more quilt-related event before tomorrow’s flight, and by the time I come back it will be old news. So here they are… My quilts in their first… Continue reading

The Aerial quilt

I love that my best souvenir from Nashville is something that I bought at home and made at home. But wrapped up in it are a whole lot of lessons and memories and… Continue reading

You Are My Sunshine quilt (formerly the gold and gray quilt)

It’s Finished Quilt Friday! This quilt took a little while, but it helps when you are in love with the colors and fabric. I decided to tackle circles, something that I’ve wanted to… Continue reading

The mihow quilt

  This is a baby quilt for Michele and her third little boy, who is due in a few weeks. I read her blog for a long, long time before commenting or emailing… Continue reading

The hexacabin quilt

Finished quilt Friday! This one was an improv dream– an idea that materialized into something that I am really proud of. I worked outside my comfort zones with the colors (I have a… Continue reading

The PS Fundraiser Quilt

This weekend I quilted and bound a top that I’ve had in my closet for awhile for a fundraiser at my munchkins’ school. It was a rare quick finish and therefore very gratifying.… Continue reading

The BFF quilt

My first finished quilt of 2014 was requested my one of my best friends, who is about to become an aunt any day now. This quilt is for her to give to her… Continue reading