The Wojo quilt

My awesome friend Sarah is due to have her first baby in October, and I’m so happy I was able to surprise her at her baby shower this weekend to give her this, the Wojo quilt.




Wojo has been her nickname at least since the mid-nineties, when we had gym class together, signed out of study hall to play cards in the library, and kicked some major ass in Spanish class (she went on to study in Spain and teach high school Spanish, while I am now mediocre at translating game shows on Univision). When we were in college she asked for a food fight for her birthday, and we went swimming in the ocean afterward to wash whipped cream out of our hair. I am terrible at keeping in touch with people in general, but lucky for me, no matter how often I check in with Sarah, there is a plethora of laughs, delightful sarcasm, and extreme kindness.

As for the quilt, it’s made with Elizabeth Hartman’s (free!) pixel heart pattern. I set it off center and quilted it with angles as in my walking foot pillows.

Sarah’s registry was mostly green and gray, so I used Brussels Washer for a soft-textured background and contrasted it with a palette of brights I picked from a Kona jelly roll. I added in some yellow and orange for a fall feel, and because Sarah and her husband met at a Halloween party. The baby will be due right around the same time, so we had to pay tribute to the family holiday. Plus, I just love teals and oranges together. 


The back is a Rashida Coleman-Hale print that I’ve always loved in white and teal, and the binding is Caroline Friedlander from Botanics. I used Aurifil from her Botanics collection in a minty teal for the quilting to match.



She was definitely surprised to see me at the shower, and I was delighted that the quilt matched a lot of the other gifts she got (teal onesies with orange foxes!). She and her husband are going to be awesome parents, and I was so happy to make this fun quilt for my truly unique friend.