Cloudy days are fine by me

Well, that was a crazy streak of teaching and events and not too much sewing. And now that I’m sewing a LOT more, I can’t quite show you what it is! I’m working on a sample for Cloud 9 Fabrics, with this deliciousness, their new Cirrus Solids, which are coming out in September.


 It is so soft and the colors are fantastic. My camera phone pictures do not do it justice.


It makes them that much more special to me that they are organic yarn-dyed cotton. All of Cloud 9’s fabric is organic and ethically produced. I’d thought in the past, when working with Cloud 9 fabric, that it would be fantastic if they had coordinating organic solids, and now they do. I’m not a stickler for organic products in general, but when I have the choice I always go in that direction. (I had planned to write this post all week, and it seems like it was for good reason. Cloud 9’s Gina has a post up on Sew Mama Sew today about their manufacturing process.)


I just finished the top of this Cirrus Solids sample quilt– at 72″ by 90″ my biggest ever!

So that’s where I’ll be for a little while. I never thought I’d be looking forward so much to the start of school, but I’m excited by all of the ideas and opportunities that have come my way. I’ll have more time to dedicate to them as well as this space then.