Midsummer Moments

I’m so happy to have planned the summer the way I did, with camp for the kids in June and August and a month of unstructured summer time in between. (Even though it seems like all of our friends have done exactly the opposite.) It has given us a chance to have moments like this:


And it allows me to slow down and take in inspiration like this:


We have one more week left to hang at the town pool, get sticky with popsicles in the back yard, and play Go Fish until after regular bed times. Then the kids will go back to camp for a bit, I’ll get ready for classes, and work on some quilt designs that have been body surfing inside my brain. (They bob around in the back before catching that perfect wave of inspiration and flooding to shore.)

I started working again on the Quilt Camp sample, which should be done by the end of the week. It’s become a medallion mini-quilt, and I’m totally smitten.


I brought my machine in for a tune-up while we were at the shore, and after a week away, sewing is pure joy.

I hope your summer has had its own beautiful unstructured moments. (If not, there’s still time!)