The Anniversary pillow

A good friend texted me around the end of the year inquiring about an anniversary gift for her husband. The traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood, and she had seen a quilt that was a sweet homage to that. We decided to do a pillow version, and I was excited to get to work.

This year, I have been seeking out projects that challenge me, so for this one I took my first stab at embroidery.


Oh. Em. Gee that was fun. It was addicting and so fast compared to bigger projects. I found myself wishing I had different colors of floss and started dreaming up embroidered projects all over the place. I only know one stitch, but a girl can learn. That’s what the whole process is about, eh?

The fabric is a gray wood grain from Joel Dewberry, which goes beautifully in my friend’s impeccably designed living room (if I do say so myself). I off-set the embroidery because I’ve always been a fan of asymmetry.


(Wood grain on wood grain.)

I quilted some texture into it, but used an off-white thread so that the fabric could do its thing. I didn’t want it to be too busy.


Happy anniversary Allison and Craig!