Less is not more

I’ve typically been a minimalist when it comes to fashion and design. I strive, in life and in quilting, for deep and simple, pure and meaningful.

I started a new quilt with a simple idea: lots of beautiful taupe mini herringbone with a brick wall in golds and pinks, greys and tans. I used some Eloise Renouf, some pink Smile and Wave from Koi and some stashed Field Study and geometric Dear Stella.


I would position the bricks a third of the way up from the bottom of the quilt and let the negative space sing with quilting.

But then.

I thought, what if there was a brick missing? And could I float a lone brick in the negative space?



But then I realized just how much negative space that is. And how big I wanted the quilt to be (throw size– it’s a gift). And I took to Instagram. Then I figured it out just as I was falling to sleep.




It needed more. And I love this. It’s still the concept, but the composition is growing stronger and stronger. And somehow, it’s still deep and simple. Well, it’s staying simple, but getting deeper. And I continue to play.

I love this process so much.