In good company

I had an amazing quilting week this week. In addition to making progress on the super secret quilt for my new niece (yes, another one), I went to the third meeting of the Northern New Jersey Modern Quilt Guild. Ever the fun place to talk fabric and technique with other quilters, it’s also a great place to get inspiration and support. I showed my progress on the secret quilt, and the response was so encouraging to all of the work that I’ve put into this solitary hobby in the last year.

I can’t wait to share pictures in two weeks. I’ve talked it up enough that it better be wired to blink and play music at this point. (Actually, if you click through the NJMQG link you can see it.)

Today, I went to my first meeting of the New Bees, the quilting circle at my sewing mecca, Rock Paper Scissors. I’ve been invited to join for months and have contributed to the Block Party for three months, but I always seemed to be unavailable on those Sunday afternoons. Anyway, it was amazing to just chat about life and plan our next projects. Our latest challenge is a quilt of all solids, which is a completely different mindset when visualizing a quilt. Consulting with the group, I chose a pattern and some fabric.

I keep looking at it because it’s just so gorgeous to me. I can’t wait to work on it and bring it back to show the group.