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Education Week

Somehow this past week was when ALL the classes were. Who scheduled my summer? Oh what, it was me? Past Me was not considering much else besides taking in knowledge and imparting it… Continue reading

Improv medallion borders

Hi! Remember my Quilt Camp┬ásample? It’s growing… It got this thin scrappy border early in the week. It’s just 1/2″ finished, and I decided to make each scrap about 3″ long. I wanted… Continue reading

Upcoming Events

Just a few updates and announcements while I’m spending some family time at the Jersey Shore this week. NJMQG is honored to be hosting Heather Grant on August 4, and all MQG members… Continue reading

Quilt Camp

I was teaching a lot of great skill-builder classes in the spring at Rock Paper Scissors, and during kids camp sign-up one of my students came in with a brilliant idea. “Why do… Continue reading

Step by Step

I was so super geared up to quilt this week. It’s a good thing too, because there was work to do. I think I did every quilting step except for binding in the… Continue reading

Taking care of business

Hello! I’m in business mode this week, having just come off a very successful event for NJMQG– March Madness. I’m tackling my quilty to-do list like the proactive person I wish I was,… Continue reading

Building Blocks – HSTs

I’ve been loving half square triangles (HSTs) lately. They were the building blocks for some of my favorite recent quilts, like the BFF quilt and the Mihow quilt. There are just so many… Continue reading

Class update

Check out some of the amazing quilts that came from my last session of Beginning Quilting! It’s one of the few classes around where you can make a finished quilt from beginning to… Continue reading

Proving my own point

Right after posting the previous entry, my critical brain kicked in. Ugh, what kind of stupid thing is that to say? Make stuff. It’s such a cop-out resolution to make. But it really… Continue reading