Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Trill

I decided over the weekend to enter one more quilt into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side. It’s my own quilt, the one that I use all the time, the one that will be my next self-published pattern. I’m entering it in the Large Quilt category— it’s 57″ x  68″

I like to call it Trill.



I designed Trill in October, a few months after I became obsessed with curved blocks. I was trying to find ways to make quarter-circle blocks interesting, and I had issued a challenge to myself to make the curviest quilt I could think of.

IMG_7410The fabric is Elizabeth Olwen’s Wildwood collection from Cloud9 Fabrics, and the solid is Cirrus Solids in Ocean. It is so ridiculously soft, and the organic straight line quilting about 3/4″ apart gives it such a delicious texture. Living with a husband and three boys, anything pink in the house is automatically mine. And though I’ve never LOVED pink, this coral is just edgy enough and just feminine enough for me. It has become a favorite color, and the quilt is mine, all mine.


The brightest coral was a favorite print, and it popped with so much more saturation that I made it a focal block in the bottom right corner.  I couldn’t resist a little teal binding to round the corner as well.

IMG_7411This quilt helped me to learn how to make curves blend into other blocks. and I’m so excited to share my secrets next month when I release the pattern. I’m also planning to show my glue-basting technique for speedy pin-free curve sewing.

Until then, thank you for visiting, and be sure to check out all the amazing quilts being shown at the Festival!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Green Peek

I have loved looking through the collections of quilts in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side each year during Quilt Market. But for one reason or another, I never seem to get a post up to participate. This year, I am on the ball!

I am so proud and happy to share the Green Peek quilt in the Original Design category.


This quilt utilizes a block that I originally designed for Peek, which hung at Quiltcon 2015. I don’t usually like making repetitive or complicated blocks for quilts, but I became obsessed with this block and knew that I needed to see it in more colors and different layouts. It may look complicated, but beyond the skinny piecing, the block is surprisingly simple and fun to make. (Those tiny pieces aren’t fussy at all, but subcut during the process.)


I knew that I wanted to make it a pattern and that I needed to have a quilt made with nothing but Peek blocks. I knew it would be a long process, and I took care to select fabric that I loved– greens, teals, and blues from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics and Doe, along with Cotton + Steel basics and Kona Willow. The skinny piecing is Grid in Charcoal from Botanics. The accent block, which contains all of the shades of green and blue (plus one of my favorite shades of yellow), is from Anna Maria Horner’s Honor Roll collection.


As my Instagram friends know, I chose a very time-consuming quilting pattern, matchstick free motion waves, in order to accentuate the design with texture. The skinny pieces are raised, and I just love running my hands over it. The thread is Aurifil Light Brass, and it plays off the gold metallic prints and the gold flowers in a way that just makes my eyes happy. With their cheerleading, I quilted the whole thing in one intense week.


The reason why this quilt will forever hold a special place in my heart is because it is my very first self-published pattern. If you’d like to make some Peek blocks, or a whole quilt, the pattern is in my Etsy shop.


Thank you for taking the time to visit and check out my quilt! I’m so excited to participate in the festival. Click through and take a look around at all of the inspiring quilts posted there.

Peek pattern is here!

I am so excited to share my Peek quilt pattern with you. I believe that quilts should be beautiful to look at and fun to put together, so I hope you enjoy making these blocks as much as I do. The pattern is a downloadable PDF pattern. It includes instructions for blocks and layout for both traditional and modern composition.


Depending on your fabric choices, blocks can look so different and striking. You can see all kinds of fabric choices, including student Peek blocks, here, here, and here.

I try to learn something new or practice a new skill with each project, and Peek is useful for practicing sewing a straight 1/4″ seam allowance. Seam allowances can be affected by many things, including presser foot guides, the fabric itself (fiber density and type), and thickness of thread, so Peek gives the double-check reassurance that when your 1/4″ allowance is correct and seams are pressed toward the skinny pieces, the seams will meet in the back of the piecing. Adjusting guides and needle position will help.


When I started quilting, I rebelled against precision, but I’ve come to find satisfaction in it. Making Peek, I realized that near the end of a seam, I “hang a left,” and it helped me to keep my lines straight.


And while I do consider it a skill-building block, those are the only skills you need to focus on. There are no seams to match and no points to preserve.

Enjoy! To celebrate the launch, take 20% off with the code PEEKLAUNCH through Wednesday, May 13.


If you make Peek blocks, let me know! Leave a comment, email, or tag your photos on Instagram with #peekblock and #peekquilt.  You can also see all of my tagged posts there. There might be a blog hop or a quilt along during the summer too, so if you like the blocks, follow along.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

[Huge shout-out and thank you to the lovely Daniela Di Iorio for her gorgeous design and illustrations.]

Mid Atlantic MOD recap

Sometimes, by a combination of planning, circumstance, hard work, and good old luck, something fantastic happens. I got to experience that this past weekend in Lancaster, PA at Mid-Atlantic Mod, a modern quilting retreat sponsored by the MQGs of Central Jersey, Philly, Baltimore, DC, and North Jersey. It was so well-planned and executed, and it was exactly what I needed and wanted on this specific weekend.

IMG_3346The way the weekend is set up, it is super casual open sew at all hours of the day. You come and go when you want, eat when and what you want, and add whatever programming or activities you want. I elected to participate in the Secret Sewist Swap (more on that in a minute), but passed on the shop hop, mini quilt swap and the progressive quilts. I taught and took a class, sold patterns at the artisan marketplace, and took advantage of the massage therapists’ services. I felt simultaneously relaxed and productive. I worked and I laughed, often at the same time. I may have had some tequila and worn a mustache.

And oh, the people. I got to sew with some people I’d met at Quiltcon, and I met some wonderful new people. There was so little ego and so much humor, kindness, and thoughtfulness in that room that I’m still smiling.

Maybe it was because I had just finished the Green Peek quilt, but I was ready to show it off and I was ready to take on new projects. On Friday, I dug into a stack of solids to try out an idea I’d had for a design that features squares with rounded corners. I finished the top in a day.


On Saturday, I took Jess’s Orange Peels and Improv class and did some very satisfying and fun applique.


On Sunday, I experimented with a new pull inspired by my ballet bag, all black and white, beige and peachy pink. I was happy with the results.


And the frosting on the cake was that every morning I awoke to another gift from my Secret Sewist. It ended up being Jess (!), and she was just so incredibly thoughtful and generous. Check my Instagram feed (@melintheattic) for the full spoils, but she made an hour basket, a mini quilt/mug rug, and a table runner for me using some very very special fabrics (fabric geeks will notice that she used a treasured piece of typewriter fabric). There is also a Muppet mug. A MUPPET MUG. So cool.


I wish that I had pictures of the things that I gave to my partner, Sonia! I was so busy preparing for the weekend and sewing that I didn’t take proper pictures. Check her Instagram feed for her lovely ones (@soniabegoniasonia) But I made a drawstring bag that I filled with scraps from Anna Maria Horner, a mug rug, and a 241 tote in her favorite colors. It was so fun, and since we sat and sewed right across from one another all weekend, I had to be a good actress!

I could keep gushing, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some blog-worthy moments, but I’m busy working on a little something for market for the next couple of weeks. Plus, the Peek pattern is super close to going live! There is so much quilty goodness this time of year that I finally feel like I have broken out of winter’s slump. Thanks, Mod, for kick starting that effort.

The Green Peek quilt

Yesterday, I finished my first quilt of 2015. Introducing Green Peek.


I love every piece of fabric in this quilt– shades of jade, emerald, teal, and blue from collections by Carolyn Friedlander, Cotton + Steel, and Kona Cotton. All of the single-color blocks coordinate with the focal block, which I also call the rebel. It’s Anna Maria Horner from Honor Roll.


The sashing and binding is from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics, Grid in Charcoal.


The quilting is dense organic waves in Aurifil Light Brass. The white skinny piecing is unquilted, and in person the texture really supports the design. This process, including burying the thousands of threads it created, was tedious but so worth it. Huge thanks to my Instagram family who cheered me on and helped me celebrate every tiny milestone to keep me motivated.


This is the first of my quilts for which I’ll have a pattern to sell, and I’ll be sure to post all the details about its sale here in the next week or so.