Quilting the green Peek quilt

I had set aside time this week to finally quilt the green Peek quilt, but I was struggling with exactly how to quilt it. I wanted to leave the skinny piecing un-quilted for… Continue reading

A Peek at student blocks

This week I got to finally share my Peek block with a group of six very awesome, very willing guinea pigs students at Rock Paper Scissors. The class was snowed out twice this… Continue reading

The week in quilting

Hi, blog friends! I’ve had a very busy, un-glamorous week. Lots of writing, collaborating, hustling, and preparation. All good things, most of them very fun and rewarding, but I’ve been itching for that one big,… Continue reading

Peek classes are here!

Just a quick update this week, about some upcoming classes (class updates, including schedule changes, are available on Facebook and the Class page above). I’m so excited that I’ll be teaching the Peek… Continue reading

Quiltcon resolutions and a Peek of green

It’s been three short, full weeks since I went to Quiltcon. Though I will continually process the experience and everything I learned in Austin, I feel like I have reached a place where… Continue reading

The week in quilting

I’ve really come to enjoy my weekly ritual of sitting down on Friday afternoon to reflect on my week for this blog. This week was particularly quilting focused, but not in a project-heavy way.… Continue reading

My Quiltcon Experience: An Overview

I don’t think I’ll accurately be able to capture my Quiltcon experience in writing that doesn’t ramble on for pages and pages, but I’ll do my best to give a broad overview. My… Continue reading

iPad mini case for Valentine’s Day

Dudes. You know how I don’t recommend things lightly? And I will always tell you if someone asked me to, or if I’d be getting anything in return? Well, I bought Shea Henderson’s… Continue reading

Quiltcon prep

This week, I managed to plug along and make six more Peek blocks. Progress. I also did some Quiltcon prep. Yes, this time next week I will be walking the show at Quiltcon in Austin. I… Continue reading